Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave therapy addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction by utilizing acoustic waves to stimulate neovascularization, enhancing blood flow and breaking down arterial plaque, resulting in comprehensive rejuvenation and improved functionality of the penis.

About the speciality

While many erectile dysfunction treatments focus on addressing the symptoms, acoustic wave therapy treats the source of the issue. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction stem from a lack of proper blood circulation to the genitals and tend to worsen with age. Since erections are the result of increased blood flow to the penis, inefficient or weakened blood vessels can make achieving or maintaining an erection a challenge or even impossible for many men. Acoustic wave therapy, uses the energy of acoustic waves to stimulate a process called neovascularization within the penis. Neovascularization causes new blood vessels to be produced in the body, thus improving blood flow to the region where the sound waves are applied. The sound waves also work to break up plaque that can accumulate in the arteries of the penis, opening them wider to increase blood flow to the area. Acoustic wave therapy can regenerate aging blood vessels as well as stimulate the production of new blood vessels to create a comprehensive rejuvenation of the penis and its functionality.

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